Good value grand piano in convincing quality

Grand piano W.HOFFMANN Tradition T 186 – the star of the worldwide successful grand piano series made by C. Bechstein Europe.

The affordable grand piano series for professional demands! The W.HOFFMANN Tradition T 186 grand piano offers European quality with all the features of traditional German piano-making. The production structures of the C. Bechstein Europe factory combine individual elaboration of each grand piano with skilful techniques. An absolute contrast to other commonly used methods for mass-producing cheap grand pianos. The W.HOFFMANN Tradition T 186 grand piano has a playing action with strong interpretation possibilities, great dynamic range from pianissimo to fortissimo and a colorful sound. From production to manually voicing the hammers, the process lies in the hands of a team of piano makers at C. Bechstein Europe, Czech Republic. Check out the offers for such affordable grand pianos! You will not find anything comparable. An insight into our production facility in Hradec Kr?lov? (German
K?niggr?tz) reveals more than any description.The W.HOFFMANN Tradition T 186 grand piano proves our European feeling for a European product. Our experts know how a good grand piano should sound. They have developed their craft for generations. They have helped build the new C. Bechstein Europe factory and watched it grow. This has nothing to do with anonymous industrial products or imported foreign know-how. Here we build affordable grand pianos with a passion. But not only this magnificent W.HOFFMANN Tradition T 186 grand piano, also the five-year warranty comes from C. Bechstein Europe. Equip this competitive grand piano with a Vario System! Then you can play day and night, without your neighbours or roommates hearing you.

Detail and Technical Data
CharacteristicsW.HOFFMANN Tradition T 186 – an upscale salon grand piano
Width154 cm / 60.6″
Length186 cm / 6’2″
Weight312 kg / 688 lbs
Color/finishesBlack polished, white polished, walnut polished, mahagony polished